11 Foods You Should Be Eating For A Healthy Colon

by princemilon
Healthy Colon

As gross as it may sound discussing the number two can be uncomfortable for many, just because you can’t see your insides doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Let’s get honest for a second here do you feel backed up after eating bacon hot dogs or steak overeating red meat could be terrible for your colon. 

It can even make you undergo the dreaded colonoscopy at a young age. A backed-up colon may be the start of hemorrhoids, polyps, and even cancer but not if you eat the right foods wondering what to eat. Let’s get into some colon-friendly foods. 

Today’s post we’ll explore foods you should eat to strengthen your colon does yogurt help is switching to plant-based foods the right option we’re discussing all that and more. 


Healthy Colon
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Oatmeal is incredibly nutritious. It’s a storehouse of fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and many micronutrients. 

Every time you scarf down some oatmeal, your digestive system gets a blast of roughage the soluble fiber absorbs water and converts it into a jelly-like substance that bulks up your stool. It’s something that helps to stay regular and clean the Colon Naturally. 

According to a 2020 study, the unique bioactive compounds act as a roadblock for colon cancer. Don’t think of oatmeal as just a staple for breakfast, you can enjoy oatmeal cookies, granola, desserts, and savory snacks. Speaking of breakfast, start the day on the right foot with another option,

Whole Grain Bread

Healthy Colon
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Regrettably, the tastiest breakfast options like white bread, bagels, burger buns, croissants, or anything with puff pastry are not the best choice for your colon. processed grains have become integral to cereals, pasta, snack stews, and even salads. 

Instead of white flour products go for the whole grain foods grains like barley, brown rice, buckwheat, Bulger and millet undergo minimal processing to keep the barn germ and endosperm intact to increase the fiber content. 

The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends that Americans eat at least 30 grams of fiber daily evidence has shown fiber reduces the risk of colorectal cancer pick up whole grain crackers or popcorn for snacking and swap the regular bread with whole grain tortillas to make delicious wraps. 

You’ll also find whole grain cereals in the breakfast aisle with the label enriched on the packaging. 

The manufacturers put back some fiber and nutrients that get removed during the refining process but not all the nutrients get added back and the final product does not have an equal amount of nutrients as the original grain. 

Leafy Greens

Healthy Colon
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Eating green vegetables goes beyond Iceberg lettuce as a burger topping green veggies are crammed with folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and vitamins E, C, and K. Try making a green salad with spinach, swiss chard, arugula artichokes, or kale. 

The year 2020 saw around 900,000 deaths due to colorectal cancer. According to a study the members of the cruciferous family especially broccoli and cabbage can dramatically reduce the risk of colon cancer by nearly half imagine the lives that green veggies can save in the future. 

If eating raw cruciferous veggies isn’t your thing, leave them out of your smoothies and add parsley, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, bok choy, and watercress while fixing yourself a healthy plate. Also, remember the darker the leafy green the better it is for your digestive system. 

Healthy Colon – Yogurt 

Healthy Colon
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Your gut bacteria need a little boost if you’re frequently experiencing diarrhea or bloating. The colon contains a million good bacteria and yeast their primary function is to break down food and keep things moving ahead yogurt helps to maintain a healthy balance between good and harmful bacteria to relieve digestive discomfort. 

Healthy Colon – Olive Oil 

Healthy Colon
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Whether you’re making a salad, Sartain, or grilling vegetables, a dash of olive oil always enhances the taste it can make your dish stand out as if it came right from the Mediterranean region. Avoid vegetable oils like soybean, canola, and corn oil. 

The fats from Olive Oil lubricate your digestive tract and makes it easier for your stool to pass by softening it try using extra virgin olive oil at its purest according to a study using olive oil in new quantities, like even for milliliters proved beneficial in patients suffering from kidney problems go ahead give it a try.

Healthy Colon – Garlic 

Healthy Colon
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Garlic is a superfood in the kitchen due to its numerous health benefits but the typical garlic breath has tarnished its reputation current meta-analysis holds evidence that garlic reduces colon cancer it also decreases the risk of noncancerous growth I hear what science says about garlic and cancer.

Healthy Colon – Cucumbers 

Healthy Colon
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Studies have also shown that concur potassium is a natural compound found in bitter melons and cucumbers to inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells add fresh or pickled cucumbers to your salads and sandwiches and prevent several chronic colon diseases. Next, let’s talk about some actual fruit. 

Healthy Colon – Raspberries 

Healthy Colon
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Do you love raspberries red raspberries play a minor role in killing stomach and cancer cells?

But do you know what is even more effective black raspberries might look like blackberries but are sweeter than them? 

These tiny berries have effectively killed colorectal cancer cells in animal models. Their deep purple color indicates their antioxidant anti-inflammatory and neurodegenerative properties. You can add fresh or frozen raspberries to your leafy green salads or yogurt cups. 

They also add a deep rich pop of color tEat one big clove of crushed raw garlic and within hours, you get an alteration of the expression of your genes related to anti-cancer immunity. 

It’s one thing to say a big boost and production of cancer-suppressing proteins like once statin when you drip garlic directly on cells in a petri dish, but you also see boosted gene expression directly in your bloodstream within hours of eating it.

Even Hippocrates approved garlic to be the best preventative medicine he even advised his patients to eat it every day. Traditional Medicine considers compounds like Selenium, arginine, and whole lean to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic properties.

They help to flush out unwanted pathogens from your colon. So be generous with the garlic and your burritos, noodles, tacos dips and bakes want to try some fruit have cucumbers Wait a minute. 

Do you think of cucumber as a vegetable surprisingly, it’s a fruit cucumber adds a perfect punch of fiber and nutritional value to your food pectin. A particular type of fiber mainly found in cucumbers can help you to have frequent bowel movements. 

The main component is water and it provides additional hydration when your body is dehydrated, and you have a tough time passing stool. o your cheese platters. 


Healthy Colon
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Studies have shown eating mango for eight weeks could decrease symptoms of ulcerative colitis and several biomarkers related to colon cancer mango contains the perfect combination of polyphenols, vitamins A and C that can help you deal with constipation mangoes are fibrous fruits that can take care of things when you have to go you can add chunks of ripe mango flesh to your smoothies, summer salads, and sauces or put them on the grill and enjoy the Miss sides. 

Beans And Legumes

Healthy Colon
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Vegans particularly love these proteins soybean peas, black beans, chickpeas, mung beans, and pinto beans encourage regular bowel movements they contain soluble and insoluble types of fiber. 

The fiber-resistant starch present in these can also promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut. They are a rich source of folate antioxidants and phytochemicals like LinkedIn. That boosts the overall immunity of your system for preventing cancer once more. 

Studies have also shown that high vitamin B six content helps to reduce colorectal cancer. By now you must have realized that the whole vibe of keeping your colon healthy is to eat more plant-based food but that doesn’t mean you keep non-vegetarian foods off limits. 

Lean Meat And Oily Fish

Healthy Colon
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Salmon sardines and mackerel are rich sources of omega three fatty acids. This nutrient is particularly of great importance for your heart it also slows down aggressive cancers from spreading enjoy a grilled fish fillet instead of hamburgers but have swordfish tuna tail fish and king mackerel with caution. 

They may contain high mercury and pollutants that can harm your colon over time. Also swapping your lunch and meat with 90% lean beef skinless chicken lean ground turkey and wild game can make a huge difference. 

Start making your meatloaf with beef and pork loin cuts. Trust us you’ll have a smoother time in the bathroom. Constipation can be challenging almost 20% of the world’s population suffers from it.

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