How All I Want For Christmas Became The Mariah Carey Holiday Song

by princemilon

Christmas Became

Mariah Carey is the undisputed Queen of the holidays all thanks to her catchy anthem. All I Want For Christmas Became play the queen of Christmas wants for Christmas as you carry. But how did the songstress make her wish come true? Let’s take a look back at when Mariah made Christmas all her own.

And 9090 carries life changes forever with the release of her debut album, Mariah Carey
the stuff on my demo tape that first got me signed to Columbia Records, I had about half the album on that tape. And so they liked those songs enough to say, you know, we like these want to you meet with some other writers and you know, do some writing with some other people and see what you come up with.

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And it sort of came together a vision of love. Love takes time someday, and I don’t want to cry all hit number one on the charts. During the 1991 and 1992 award season, Mariah wins Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her single vision of love.

I was very surprised to even be there. And when I got up on the stage, and I was accepting my award, it didn’t seem real. I was just standing there looking at all these faces of these famous producers and musicians and people out in the audience. So I’m just like, let me accept the award and not bore everybody with it like a long drawn-out speech. Because I was so nervous. It was the most incredible moment of my life.

And I mean, I can’t imagine anything tapping that and the intensity was pretty incredible. Four years after Mariah’s self-titled album, she releases her first Christmas album.

Well, I’ve always really been a very festive person. I love the holidays and I always knew I would eventually do a Christmas Became album but it was really important to me to write new songs for the Christmas album because if you know if you write a new Christmas song and people play it, you know and enjoy it.

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They can do that for years and years to come. You know forever. It can like outlive you and last like more than Merry Christmas features holiday classics along with the iconic original All I Want For Christmas Became Is You since then Mariah is festive. It becomes a family favorite every winter season.

On the 25th anniversary of its release, Moriah rings in a new tradition and introduces the classic track to a whole new generation of fans. Like clockwork, on November 1 Carrie skips Thanksgiving and has right into Mariah season Santa
2019 also becomes the year all I want for Christmas Became tops the hot 100 For the first time the record becomes her night teeth number one and is one of the highest-selling holiday songs of all time as it continues to smash records in 2020 and 2021.

I never imagined this I was just like I’m writing a Christmas song. It’s a little early in my career. I’m writing about all the things that I would want to hear in a Christmas Became song.

Here’s the thing there are different eras of holiday songs right? And so to have like the Spotify numbers, as well as the Diamond Award which is just like you know it’s diamond and this single is the only holiday single that’s ever been diamond. So yay. And we love diamonds of course we do.

And 2022 is no different Moriah reigns supreme and reminds us it’s year after year. All I Want For Christmas Became builds the air and officially rings in the holiday season. Whatever Scrooge is I don’t care what you say. Lay honestly this is the truth. I do love the holidays and we all love the holidays soon

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