Josh Flagg Teases “Massive” On-Screen Fight With His Ex Bobby Bo

by princemilon

Josh Flagg Teases

That’ll be one of the higher-rated episodes of Million Dollar Listing. We have a big massive fight and I don’t want to reveal too much. I think that that will be the last deal that I will be working on with him. 

But more importantly, not, in my opinion, different from other seasons in the path. There’s a great dynamic between Josh and Tracy and me, we’re all very close friends.

And you’ve never been able to capture that in seasons past because there’s limited time and there were more agents on the show

And so I think it’s nice that we now have the opportunity to capture that. And, you know, you get to see our relationship on television.

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Yeah, I didn’t care that they were talking. I’m not supposed to pick a side and a divorce.

I don’t believe that at all people that’s not fair to do to other people could just don’t need to hear about the intimate details of their friendship.

it’s I think it’s rude when somebody volunteers that kind of information. Like, if I asked, you know, that’s one thing, but if I’m not asking I’m not, I’m not interested in that information. 

so I thought that was tasteless, and I let them know that I thought that it wasn’t nice. And I thought that they needed to stop. Yeah, everything is going great. 

together for I think maybe 10 months now. But we’ve known each other for years, and we just have a lot in common. No, I don’t think we’re gonna get married tomorrow. 

I mean, one day, but not tomorrow, we’re going to be asked, of course, I’ve loved the theory that there’s no point in spending time being with somebody unless you plan on spending the rest of your life with that,

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I think there’s a reason for it, probably because the only drama base shows, they’re not even really that heavy on real estate, whereas we’re focused on the transaction and the story of the sale of the house. 

 Those are more around the dynamics of the real estate agents. I mean, they’re fun shows to watch, but it’s just a different format.

 It’s a completely different show RSS best of both of them. I know. Oftentimes but that’s the only one that I know. I don’t know any of the other characters on the show.

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