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6 TOP Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally & Prevent Heart Attacks

by princemilon
Prevent Heart Attacks

Prevent Heart Attacks: Hey out for a quick lunch. So what are you eating today? 

A crunchy salad and some freshly squeezed fruit juice or the usual burger fries and a soda. What you eat today is going to determine your heart health in the future. Sadly, one person in the United States dies every 36 seconds from a heart attack, and the major reason is poor diet. In today’s post, we’re discussing foods that unclog arteries naturally and prevent heart attacks.  Should you be eating kimchi? 

What about turmeric and garlic, we’re discussing all of that and more. But before, let me tell you what happens to your arteries when you eat greasy and fatty food. Your arteries are the channels that carry oxygenated blood throughout your body. 

They’re inherently elastic. But when you start eating unhealthy food, the excess fat cholesterol, and triglycerides start accumulating in the inner walls of the arteries. It’s called plaque. As the plaque starts accumulating over the years, the artery walls Harden, they also hinder the free flow of oxygen-rich blood. 

This is what the doctors called atherosclerosis. If that happens to some of the major arteries of your heart or brain, you could be at risk for a heart attack or a stroke. But thankfully, lifestyle modifications like exercise and healthy eating can prevent and sometimes even reverse the condition. Eager to know what to eat.

 How about eating a serving of kimchi every day

Prevent Heart Attacks
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This fermented Korean delicacy has been known for its excellent probiotic properties for years. Research has shown this food to reduce fat growth. Scientists found that people who consumed roughly half to three-fourths ounces of kimchi daily had significantly lesser bad cholesterol and decreased blood sugar levels. This decreases the chances of clogged arteries. Kim Chi is indeed excellent to keep your heart pumping. 

Did you know that Korea is one of the countries that has the lowest death rate from heart disease? 

Could kimchi be the secret to living a longer life

There are so many different ways to make kimchi. Every traditional Korean family will have its own recipe. It’s been around for more than 1500 years. To prepare your jar of kimchi just chop any vegetables like cabbage, carrots, radish, cucumber, celery, eggplant, scallions, beets, bamboo shoots, onion, ginger, and garlic. Add salt to the veggies and let them rest for two to three hours. 

They’ll start giving off the water that you’ll have to drain after 30 minutes. Now make a mixture of rice flour, fish sauce, fermented shrimp paste, garlic, ginger, chili oil, salt, and pepper flakes. Hold it on your veggies and put it aside for fermentation for three to 21 days. You can eat the unfermented kimchi as well. Store it safely for about a year in your refrigerator. But discard if you see any signs of black mold in the jar.

Prevent Heart Attacks – Never skip garlic and onions 

Prevent Heart Attacks
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Want to know why?

Because this food group is excellent for reducing atherosclerotic stress on your arteries. Garlic and onions fall in the category of Allium vegetables, leeks, chives, scallions and shallots are its other family members. 

Researchers carried out an extensive study for 15 years on a large group of women. A few of them who had onions and other Allium vegetables regularly showed a lower risk of mortality due to artery blockage. These foods clear up the arteries and give a free pass to the much-needed oxygenated blood. 

This thorough cleansing is possible because of a compound called Oregon sulfur present in these veggies. The same study also showed that it reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, and platelet clumping in the blood. 

Most Allium foods can be eaten raw but only if you’re brave enough to have garlic breath later. They can also be added to your fried rice used for seasoning your dishes or pickled in vinegar to cut the sharp pungent taste. The next healthy food that you should consider is flax seed. These are the most underrated seeds when it comes to health benefits. 

Prevent Heart Attacks – Flax seeds 

Prevent Heart Attacks
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But if you’ve been adding a spoonful of these crunchy seeds to salads or sandwiches, the problem with doing this is that the entire seed may pass out of your body without getting digested. So the next time when you’re getting a packet of flax seeds, just put them in your food processor and powder them. 

That way they can get absorbed much better in your body. Additionally, it’s easier to mix them into baked goods as well. The flax seeds contain a lignin compound SDG that has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol. Another animal study focused on how efficiently it could reduce plaque formation in the arteries. 

Researchers fed a group of rabbits flax seeds after a high cholesterol diet. Another group of rabbits was not given flax seeds. After a few days, the research team was blown away to find a 40% reduction in plaque formation in animals that ate flax seeds. 

That’s huge. You can also eat flax seeds in the form of butter like other nuts or seed butter. Just put some on your waffles in the morning flaxseed oil is used by health enthusiasts.

Do you know there’s another cooking oil that is fantastic for your heart health?

Prevent Heart Attacks
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It’s all of the oil. But that does not mean that you start eating oily food. And as it is, most mass food producers either use corn, canola, palm, or soy oil for frying, they’ll have the exact opposite effect on your heart. 

Only olive oil can keep your heart younger than you actually are. There must be something that makes this oil the best of the bunch. In fact, there is two olive oil that contains monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenolic compounds. 

Both are real game changers. These are actually responsible for making your heart healthy and keeping illness away. Olive oil is preferred by people living in the Mediterranean region. Their diet also includes beans, high fiber, vegetables, and nuts. Research has shown that people living in this region, particularly those eating all of the oil have improved heart health. 

Another study found that if you consume one ounce of olive oil for four months every day, you’ll enjoy improved blood vessel function. Your inflammatory markers responsible for heart disease will also reduce but not all olive oils are the same. 

The darker the color, the more potent and pure it is. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a typical dark color that tells it has not been through infinite refining processes. Remember to pick up a bottle that is dark in color as compared to the transparent ones. It will be a little more expensive, but investing in your heart health today is more profitable than paying for the disease tomorrow. Now let’s talk about tomatoes. 

If you’re already eating tomatoes, start eating them more. Because this juicy red fruit might help you bypass a bypass surgery of the heart. And yeah, we said fruit over there. Very few people actually know that a tomato is a fruit. They come in an array of different colors like green, yellow, orange, pink, black, brown, white, and purple. But most of us stick to the classic red ones. 

Prevent Heart Attacks – Tomatoes

Prevent Heart Attacks
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You don’t have to always eat them raw, cooked tomatoes are a great source of lycopene. All those sauces, gravies soups, toppings, and juices are going to have oodles of it. It’s particularly important in the reducing development of atherosclerosis.

A study pointed out that Lysa peen from tomato paste products reduced heart disease by 17 to 26%. Now that’s nothing less than magic. Another interesting study focused on having tomato sauce with all of the oil and checked out how the body responded. Surprisingly, this combination reduced bad cholesterol and boosted good cholesterol. Olive oil plus tomatoes are a match made in heaven. 

I mean, what else could make pasta sauce so divine?
But be very careful of the store-bought tomato products. They might be loaded with salt and it’s the number one enemy of your heart. Strengthening your heart without any medication or invasive treatment should always be your top choice.

 It’s often the first line of treatment recommended by doctors globally. We forget that most of the sicknesses in our body come from the food we eat and still we won’t stop spicing our food.

Prevent Heart Attacks – Wait, did anyone say spice?

Prevent Heart Attacks
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There’s this one spice that you must deliberately add to your food to stay away from heart attacks. It’s the golden yellow turmeric. If you’re using the ground and dried variety, then feel free to add a pinch to your scrambled eggs for Tadas tossed veggies fried rice, and smoothies. Go the classic way with curries, meat rubs, and the very popular turmeric lattes. 

Turmeric contains a compound called Sir cumin that has shown promising results in suppressing the gruesome effects of atherosclerosis. In one animal study, it was found that sir cumin had three therapeutic effects on coronary heart disease. 

It not only helped in getting some anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant Tory properties but also reduce the fatty deposits in arteries by almost 25%. 

Isn’t this spice magical? Let’s conclude on a sweet note. 

Did you know that one extra spoon of sugar in your tea or coffee can make your heart skip a beat?

Prevent Heart Attacks
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Diabetics are generally more prone to heart disease. This is why they’re advised to stay away from cakes and ice creams to safeguard their heart health. If you have a real sweet tooth then choosing a dessert after your meals can put you in a bind. 

This is where dark chocolate can help. Is the chocolate-loving child inside you dancing with joy right now? Hang on, there are a few things you should never forget. You can eat dark chocolate every day provided you stick to only a few squares. Experts believe that having 40 grams of dark chocolate is enough to raise nitric oxide levels in your arteries. 

This is important for the health of your arteries. Next, white chocolate and milk chocolate should be off your list. They have too much sugar which can mess up anybody’s blood sugar levels. The higher percentage of cocoa, the better it is for your heart. Pick up the bar of chocolate that mentions 85% or more cocoa. 

There are actually studies that link daily dark chocolate to reduced atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries. Now that’s what we call a showstopper. When you’re trying to eat healthily, don’t ignore the signs your body’s sending. 

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